I am forever indebted to my subjects who trusted me and invited me into their lives. Thank you Bert, Daniel, Ena, Harlan, Jenny, Judith, Ora, Osamu and Randy. These meetings changed my life and I will always remember them. Thank you Bryce Goodman, Roz Biçen, Ali Biçen and Seb Biçen: without your unwavering love and support I would not have had the courage to create this work. Thank you Lynne Benatovich, Etan Berkowitz, Andrew Blair, Ned Buskirk, Nancy Chang, Annamarie ColapietroAlexandra Dull, Marcie Fitzgerald, Linda Giglio, BJ Miller, Brian Isett, David Mundy, Michael Rabow, Roy Remer, Karina Schoultz, Stan Stone, Sarah Stroe, DJ Tyiska-Smith and Norma Yamauchi. Finally, I am deeply grateful to the following organizations, without which this project would not have been possible:

Asian Network Pacific Home Care - Oakland, CA

Awesome Foundation - San Francisco, CA

Brush Creek Artist Residency - Saratoga, WY

Caldera Artist Residency - Sisters, OR

Coming Home Hospice - San Francisco, CA

Gentiva Hospice - Oakland, CA

Hospice By The Bay - San Francisco, CA

Laguna Honda Hospital - San Francisco, CA

Maitri Compassionate Care - San Francisco, CA


Pathways Hospice - San Francisco, CA

Pollination Project - San Francisco, CA

The Smithsonian Institution - Washington, DC

UCSF Palliative Care - San Francisco, CA

VA Medical Center - Livermore, CA

VA Medical Center - Palo Alto, CA

Veterans Home - Yountville, CA

You're Going To Die - San Francisco, CA

Zen Hospice Project - San Francisco, CA